Early Morning Selfies

by Kiley Durham in

I'm not entirely sure how this always happens, but there seems to be a direct correlation between nap time--or lack there of--and my husband's trips out of town.  Somehow we always seem to be having one of those weeks when my husband is away...one of those weeks in which we have decided we have "super strength" and can fly off the back of the furniture, we no longer need naps, and we need to rearrange the cutlery drawer while Mom is in the bathroom. (And by rearrange, I mean take everything out and hide the drawer's contents in a different room altogether.)  

Sometime early this morning a little crazy haired monster snuck into my bed. He needed  to "snuggle like buggles".  The little monster moved in as close as he could and said, "I'm so happy to be here, Mommy." It's amazing how, in a split second, the stress of yesterday's nap-free playing/flying/throwing bonanza just melted away.  We took a couple silly photos as the sun was coming up, and I even managed to catch a kiss on film...


Fortunately Dad is on his way back today and the balance of power around here will be restored by bedtime tonight. When he asks me how the weekend worked out, I'll say it was perfect.