City Babies: Just the Basics

by Kiley Durham in

Every man about town knows how to make a statement with even the most basic wardrobe staples...

{Egg by Susan Lazar Shirt and Crew Cuts Khaki Shorts

If I have learned anything about dressing a toddler boy, I have learned that fussing over the process is only going to make it worse.  We joke that putting our son in a fancy outfit is the same as giving a dog a bath...he's going to be rolling around in the mud the moment I let go of him.  If he thinks it is too starched or too scratchy or too fancy, it's probably coming off in the car or the stroller. {"No Mom...I don't want to wear pants to da partee. No Fank You..."} However, if I can make him comfortable, he will wear any outfit all day...add in a compliment from a stranger and it's never coming off! 

One of our go-to looks this summer was a white shirt and khaki worked because it passed the comfort test.  He wore it again because he liked all the compliments!  

{He actually said to me, "Mom, I yook sooo han-some!"  

And a little monster has been created...}

Here are two of the ways this little man rocked his favorite outfit all summer long...

#1  Beachy Layers 

Layer a fun T-Shirt like and throw on some snappy kicks for a fun day around town.

{or don't bother with the shoes...bare feet are the coolest!}


#2 The Prepster

Add a bow tie and some oxfords, and you've got a handsome little man ready to party...or maybe just jump on the bed.  It's good for both!


And somedays all this little boy needs is his magical smile.  It is without a doubt his greatest accessory!