Early morning selfies

by Kiley Durham in

A little weekend morning tradition...


Since our son was born, I have always been in charge of the morning shift. While some mornings I long for a few extra winks before rising and shining, our mornings together have become a special time.  He wakes up ready to go everyday...no slow ease into the mornings for this one! His silliness is contagious and before I know it, we are both giggling the morning away while his dad catches up on some much needed rest. Our favorite morning ritual has become our silly selfies.  I took these two on the beach this weekend.  It was cool and overcast, and we were two of exactly ten people on the entire beach. After a good old fashioned game of chase (boys never grow tired of this game) we collasped in the sand for just a few minutes.  Snap! Snap! Snap!  I didn't even have time to check the pictures before he was up and running again...

I will probably frame these...they are happy memories from a happy summer. 

Happy Sunday